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Online B.Lib Course: Get to Know About the Courses, Eligibility, Admissions, Fees and Opportunities

What is an Online BLib and Its Full Form?

An Bachelor in Library Science online course or B Lib online course is a degree program that focuses on the study of library science.It prepares individuals for careers in library and information services. It is also known as an online Bachelor of Library Science or an online Bachelor of Library and Information Science (BLIS). Many well-liked UGC-approved universities offer affordable library science degrees online along with various UG, PG, and diploma courses in India. 

The B Lib through distance education will help students advance their skills in library management and administration. The full form of BLIB is "Bachelor of Library and Information Science." A librarian degree online program provides students with knowledge and skills in managing library resources, organizing information, cataloging, information retrieval, and other essential aspects of library services. 

With the increasing importance of digital information and technology, many universities offer online programs to make library science education more accessible to students who may not be able to attend traditional on-campus classes. For those who want to become a librarian online can enroll in the best online library science programs via distance universities in India.

Online B lib course gives students a fundamental understanding of library and information through online library science courses in India. Information systems, bookkeeping and publishing, systems and services, research and technical libraries, and information sources are among the electives available for the B.LIB degree. Aspiring librarians, library managers, indexers, assistant professors, etc. can receive training and education from B.LIB.

Please note that the availability and specific details of online Bachelor in Library Science programs may vary depending on the institution offering the degree. Ask expert to know more about the cheapest online library science degree. 

Key Benefits of Pursuing Online BLib?

key benefits of pursuing online blib

Best library science programs online:

  • Flexibility: B Lib distance education offers flexibility in terms of scheduling and location. Students can access course materials and lectures online, allowing them to study at their own pace and fit their studies around other commitments such as work or family responsibilities.
  • Better Opportunities – Online B.LIB graduates have been successful in obtaining employment in a variety of industries, including the NGO and education sectors as well as companies like Amazon and Infosys. The course gives one of the best and safest positions in the business.
  • Enhance Skills - B Lib distance course develops management and administrative knowledge that helps a library run smoothly.
  • Convenience: Online programs eliminate the need for commuting to a physical campus, saving time and expenses associated with transportation. Students can study from the comfort of their own homes or any location with internet access.
  • Professional Satisfaction: Graduates of online B.Lib programmes can expect to receive at least 2-4 lakh packages annually and a variety of professional opportunities in the rising educational sector.

What are the Subjects of Online BLib? 

Foundations of Library & Information Science Management of Libraries & Information Centers/ Institutions
Library Classification (Theory) Library Cataloguing (Theory)
Library Classification Practice Library Cataloguing Practice
Knowledge Organization and Information Retrieval (Theory) Knowledge Organization Practice
Information Processing and Retrieval IT Applications in Libraries (Theory)
Information Sources Information Users, Systems, and Services
Library & Information Technology: Theory Library and Information Technology: Practice

Eligibility for Online BLib Course?

All candidates who hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution with a minimum of 50% to 60% in their overall grades are eligible for the BLib course. It should be noted, nonetheless, that the eligibility requirements may change based on the university to which an applicant is applying.

What is the Online BLib Duration?

The duration of a bachelor's in library science online (BLib) program can vary depending on the educational institution and the specific program structure. However, most online BLib programs typically take around 3 to 4 years to complete after 10+2 or 1 year after graduation. This duration is similar to traditional on-campus Bachelor's degree programs.

What is the Online BLib Admission Procedure

The admission Process are as follows:

  1. Step 1: Registered yourself on the college website by filling in common details such as name, Mail id, and phone number.
  2. Step 2: You will receive login credentials, log in to your account via username and password.
  3. Step 3: Fill out the application form along with required details along with the necessary documents as instructed.
  4. Step 4: Pay the registration/course fees via various payment methods available.
  5. Step 6: University will go through the details and send a confirmation letter soon. 

List of Top Online Blib Course Universities in India Fees, Admissions, and Eligibility

There are many distance learning B.Lib colleges in India but we have shortlisted some of the best colleges for B.Lib distance learning along with librarian course fees below:

list of top online blib course universities in india
University/College Name Average Fee Structure (INR) Librarian Course Eligibility Criteria  Blis online admission 2024-2025
LPUDE Jalandhar 13,000 Any Graduate or Equivalent Admissions Open 
Subharti University Meerut 14,000 Any Graduate or Equivalent 31 July 2024
Kakatiya University 8,200 Any Graduate or Equivalent Accepting applications for 2024-2025
IGNOU New Delhi 8,100 Any Graduate or Equivalent 15 July 2024
Kurukshetra University DDE 9,500 Any Graduate or Equivalent Accepting applications for 2024-2025
U.P. Rajarshi Tandon Open University


Any Graduate or Equivalent Accepting applications for 2024-2025 
YCMOU 8,000 Any Graduate or Equivalent Accepting applications for 2024-2025
Acharya Nagarjuna University 8,975 Any Graduate or Equivalent Accepting applications for 2024-2025
Kerala University DDE 7,720 Any Graduate or Equivalent 31 August 2024
Nalanda Open University 5,500 Any Graduate or Equivalent Accepting applications for 2024-2025

Note – Click to book a consultation and know more about B.Lib online admission 2024-2025 sessions. B.Lib apply online options are easily available for students on the college websites. 

How to Choose Which Online PG Degree is Best After Graduation?

Choosing the PG degree after completing a library science bachelor degree online requires careful consideration. Look for accredited programs that offer a comprehensive curriculum covering relevant topics in library science. Consider the flexibility of the program, including course scheduling and asynchronous learning options. Online Mlis degree programme is most preferred after B.Lib in India.

Evaluate the faculty's expertise and experience. Look for opportunities, for practical experience, internships, or capstone projects. Research the program's reputation and alumni success. Compare tuition costs and financial aid options. 

Lastly, read ratings, reviews and reach out to current students or alumni for firsthand insights. Ultimately, choose a program that aligns with your career goals, offers strong support, and fits your individual needs. Compare universities to make an appropriate decision.  

Is it worth doing a BLib from Online Learning? 

Doing a B. Lib degree through online learning can be worth it depending on your circumstances and goals. Online programs offer flexibility, convenience, and access to quality education. Consider factors like accreditation, curriculum relevance, faculty expertise, and career prospects.

If you can effectively manage your time, stay motivated, and actively engage in the online learning environment, an online B. Lib degree can provide the necessary knowledge and skills for a career in library science. However, it's important to research and choose a reputable online program that meets your specific needs and aligns with your career aspirations. 

Choose a course that, in the end, gives thorough, pertinent content, works with your schedule, and offers chances for job progress. Education Mitra helps you to land your dream university with free personalized guidance and consult your guide-like features at your fingertips. 

What are Different Types of Blib courses?

  • Online B.Lib in Management of Libraries and Information Centers
  • Online B.Lib in Knowledge Organization: Classification
  • Online B.Lib in Print, Electronic Sources & Literature in Humanities
  • Online B.Lib in Book Publishing
  • Online B.Lib in School Library and Media Centre
  • Online B.Lib in Information Sources, Systems, and Services

The library science online programs are quite popular. However, students have the option to pursue a master's degree in library science after finishing their undergraduate studies.  

Job Profile: 

  1. Cataloguer
  2. Curator
  3. Library Director
  4. Indexer
  5. Library Assistant
  6. School Librarians
  7. Library Science Teacher
  8. Assistant Librarian
  9. Law Librarian
  10. Information Architect
  11. Electronic Resources Librarian
  12. Deputy Librarian

What is the Salary Trend for Online Blib Pursuers?

Online B.Lib graduates can anticipate a minimum of 2-4 lakh packages every year and several career chances in expanding educational institutions.

Significance of Online Blib in Jobs

The significance of an online B. Lib degree in jobs can be summarized in the following points:

  • Professional Qualification: An online B. Lib degree serves as a professional qualification, providing you with the necessary knowledge and skills for various library and information science jobs.
  • Job Opportunities: A B. Lib degree opens up a range of job opportunities in libraries, educational institutions, government organizations, research centers, corporate settings, and more.
  • Information Management Skills: The degree equips you with information management skills, including cataloging, classification, database management, and digital archiving, which are highly valued in today's digital age.
  • Research and Reference Services: B. Lib graduates are equipped to provide research assistance, reference services, and information retrieval support to users, which are essential roles in libraries and information centers.
  • Technological Competence: Online B. Lib programs often incorporate technology-focused courses, enabling graduates to navigate and utilize emerging technologies in library settings, such as digital libraries, online databases, and information systems.
  • Adaptability to Changing Environment: Online B. Lib programs foster adaptability and flexibility, which are crucial in a rapidly evolving information landscape. Graduates are prepared to embrace new technologies, evolving user needs, and emerging trends in the field.
  • Career Progression: A B. Lib degree can serve as a stepping stone for career progression in the library and information science field. It may open doors to advanced positions, such as library manager, information specialist, research analyst, or knowledge manager.
  • Transferable Skills: The skills acquired during an online B. Lib program, including critical thinking, communication, research, organization, and problem-solving, are transferable to various industries, expanding your job prospects beyond traditional library roles.

Overall, an online B. Lib degree holds significant value in job opportunities, equipping you with the necessary skills to thrive in the library and information science profession and adapt to the evolving needs of the digital era.

Which are the Top Hiring Firms for Blib

Students can land jobs in various companies after completing the B. Lib course including:

  1. Amazon
  2. Infosys
  3. Universities (Delhi University, IGNOU, Panjab University, etc)
  4. Foreign Embassies

Yes, B.Lib is a graduation degree. B.Lib is a degree in library science and information management, studied at the undergraduate level.

After finishing an online B.Lib degree, you can find jobs in private or public library, information centers, research institutions, schools, government, and businesses. Job roles may include librarian, information specialist, research analyst, knowledge manager, or digital content manager.

The minimum duration to complete the online degree for blis course is one year and a maximum of 2 years.

Yes, BLIS (Bachelor of Library and Information Science) is equivalent to a graduation degree. This program is for undergraduates and teaches them about library science and information management, like other bachelor's degrees.