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Online M Lib Programs: Admission, Universities, Courses, Eligibility, Fees & Opportunities

What is an Online MLib Course?

An online Master in Library Science (MLib) course refers to postgraduate-level courses designed to deliver individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary for a career in librarianship. Library science is the field that encompasses the organization, management, and dissemination of information resources in libraries and other information environments. 

Many well-liked UGC-approved universities offer affordable information science Mlis degrees online along with various UG, PG, and diploma courses included in India.

The course is available in India through several top universities and colleges as a full- or part-time program. For individuals who want to work in research or education, the course offers a solid basis. Candidates might benefit from the course's appealing employment opportunities if they desire to work. 

Library management concepts and practices are studied in the interdisciplinary field of library science. Some of the main industries connected to library science are education, administration, and information technology. Ask an expert to make a valuable decision. 

Online MLS Programs typically employ a combination of instructional methods, including online lectures, readings, discussion forums, interactive assignments, and group projects. Students may also have opportunities for hands-on experiences through internships or practicum placements in libraries.

Completion of a library science master's programs online typically prepares individuals for professional roles in libraries, school librarianship, information services and centers, archives, museums, and other cultural institutions. Graduates may work as librarians, library administrators, information specialists, digital librarians, or research analysts, among other positions. 

Is Choosing an Online M Lib after Graduation Worth?

Choosing an online master of library science program (M Lib) after graduation can be worth it for individuals seeking a career in librarianship. Online programs offer flexibility, accessibility, and the same quality education as traditional on-campus options. It allows students to balance work or other commitments while pursuing their Mlis degree online.

Additionally, the demand for skilled librarians remains strong, and an M Lib can provide the necessary knowledge and credentials to secure rewarding job opportunities in libraries and information centers. Education Mitra helps you to land your dream university with free personalized guidance and consult your guide-like features at your fingertips. 

Before heading to a desired graduate school, click to know that your university is UGC- Approved. 

What is the Eligibility Criteria, duration, and Fees for Online MLib Admission?

what is the eligibility criteria duration and fees for online mlib admission

The minimum eligibility criteria, duration of the course and fee structure for an Online MLib admission is given below:

Online MLib Courses Eligibility

To apply for library masters programs online, the eligibility is given below:

Online MLib Degree Duration

The duration of a master's degree in library science online is 1 year, and the distance program is divided into 2 semesters. 

online MLib Course fees

The annual M.Lib Online/Distance fee ranges from 9,000 to 20,000 Indian rupees. The masters in library science online cost varies depending on the region, university kind, ranking, etc. For instance, state and federal government colleges charge less for tuition than public and private institutions. 

The student can choose their classes with flexibility and receive speedy service at private universities. The cost of a distance or online M.Lib program is less expensive than a full-time program at the same college or university.

Application for M Lib Admission and Process

Step 1: Registered yourself on the college website by filling in common details such as name, Mail id, and phone number.

Step 2: You will receive login credentials, log in to your account via username and password.

Step 3: fill in the required details along with the necessary documents as instructed.

Step 4: Pay the registration/course fees via various payment methods available.

Step 6: University will go through the details and send a confirmation letter soon.

Top UGC Approved Universities for Online Distance Learning M Lib and Offered Course, Fees, Admissions and Eligibility

There are many distance learning M. Lib colleges in India but we have shortlisted some of the best colleges for M. Lib distance learning along with librarian course fees below:

University/College Name Average Fees (INR) Librarian Course Eligibility Mlis online admission 2024-2025
LPUDE Jalandhar 13,000 B Lib or equivalent Admissions Open 
Subharti University Meerut 18,000 B Lib or equivalent 31 July 2024
Kakatiya University 10,500 B Lib or equivalent Accepting applications for 2024-2025
IGNOU New Delhi 11,100 B Lib or equivalent 15 July 2024
Kurukshetra University DDE 10,600 B Lib or equivalent Accepting applications for 2024-2025
U.P. Rajarshi Tandon Open University


B Lib or equivalent Accepting applications for 2024-2025
YCMOU 12,000 B Lib or equivalent Accepting applications for 2024-2025
Acharya Nagarjuna University 10,675 B Lib or equivalent Accepting applications for 2024-2025
Kerala University DDE 9,975 B Lib or equivalent 31 August 2024
Nalanda Open University 9,700 B Lib or equivalent Accepting applications for 2024-2025

Note – Click to book a consultation and know more about M. Lib online admission 2024-2025 sessions. M.Lib apply online options are easily available for students on the college websites. 

Why Comparing MLib Universities is Best Before Taking Admission?

Comparing MLib universities before taking admission is crucial for several reasons. It allows prospective students to assess the quality and reputation of the programs, faculty expertise, research opportunities, ratings, curriculum, industry connections, and career prospects. 

By comparing universities, students can make informed decisions about which institution aligns best with their academic and career goals. This evaluation process helps ensure that students choose an MLib program that offers the best educational experience, resources, and networking opportunities, ultimately setting them up for success in the field of library and information science.

Distance Learning MLib

Distance learning M.Lib (Master degree in library and information science online) programs offer flexibility and convenience for individuals who want to pursue a masters in library science while balancing their personal and professional commitments. These programs are designed to provide the same curriculum and learning outcomes as traditional on-campus programs but allow students to complete coursework remotely.

Distance learning M.Lib programs typically employ online platforms, virtual classrooms, and multimedia resources to deliver lectures, assignments, and interactive discussions. Students can access course materials at their own pace and participate in discussions with fellow students and professors through online forums and video conferencing.

One of the key advantages of distance learning M.Lib programs is the ability to study from anywhere, eliminating the need for relocation. This makes it accessible for working professionals, individuals with family commitments, or those residing in remote areas. Additionally, distance learning often allows students to continue working while pursuing their degree, providing practical experience alongside academic learning.

However, it is important for prospective students to carefully research and choose a reputable and accredited distance learning M.Lib program to ensure the quality of education and recognition of the degree in the professional field.

Online or Distance Learning: Which is Better for M Lib Course? 

Online learning and distance learning are both viable options for pursuing an M.Lib course. The choice between the two depends on individual preferences and circumstances. Online learning provides a more interactive and immersive virtual classroom experience, while distance learning allows for greater flexibility and self-paced study. 

Both options offer convenience, access to resources, and the opportunity to balance studies with personal and professional commitments. Ultimately, it is important to consider factors such as learning style, time availability, and the reputation of the program to determine which approach aligns best with one's needs and goals. There are numerous distance online programs available in India. However, the appropriate decision can be taken on individual choice and circumstances.  

Significance of Online and Distance MLib, in Jobs

Masters in library science online programs hold significant value in the job market. They provide the same curriculum and learning outcomes as traditional on-campus programs, ensuring graduates possess the necessary knowledge and skills. Many employers recognize the flexibility and self-discipline required for the successful completion of online programs, which are transferable to the workplace. 

Online Mlis programs also offer opportunities for networking and connections with professionals in the field through virtual platforms. As the demand for digital information management continues to grow, employers appreciate candidates who have adapted to online learning and possess the ability to navigate and manage digital resources effectively.

Significance of Distance M. Lib in Jobs

Distance M.Lib programs also hold significance in the job market. They offer flexibility for individuals to pursue advanced library and information science education while fulfilling professional commitments. Employers recognize the determination and time management skills required to complete a distance M.Lib program. Graduates possess the same knowledge and skills as their on-campus counterparts, making them equally qualified for job opportunities. 

Distance M.Lib programs showcase adaptability and the ability to work independently, qualities that are highly valued in the digital age where remote work and self-directed learning are becoming increasingly common in library and information science professions.

What are the Job Opportunities for Online M Lib Students?

The Master of Library and Information Science online/distance study seeks to provide qualified human resources to manage electronic resources and digital libraries. The major goal of this plan is to improve knowledge and abilities related to bolstering the nation's libraries, archives, documentation, and information centers.

job profiles for m lib graduates

Some Common Job Profiles for M Lib Graduates:

What is the Average Salary Trend for an Online MLib Person?

Online M Lib graduates can anticipate a minimum of 3-5 lakh packages every year and several career chances in expanding educational institutions.


Many well-liked universities offer M Lib and various UG, PG, and diplomas via distance education. The best among them are LPU Online, Subharti University, IGNOU, and Nalanda Open University.

  • Librarian
  • Archivist
  • Library Director
  • Information Technology Manager
  • Competitive Intelligence Analyst
  • Rights and Reproductions Coordinator
  • Information Architect

Online M Lib graduates can anticipate a minimum of 3-5 lakh packages every year and several career chances in expanding educational institutions.

Through the M Lib course, the person can have a vast of the career option and enhance skills: Communication skills Organization skills Attention to detail Handsome Salary Financial Aid

Yes, MLIS (Master of Library and Information Science) is considered a professional degree. It is a specialized graduate degree that prepares individuals for careers in library and information science, providing the necessary knowledge and skills for professional practice in the field.