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Why Us

Hassle Free Process

Education Mitra make this easy for you, and ensure you’re able to find the perfect University and the desired course. Providing a smooth, hassle-free experience and helping students is our foremost priority.

A Team Of Skilled Counsellors

Education Mitra acting as a channel to get to know and discover about your preferences and the business world, and thus helping you make more informed and meaningful career decisions after the guidance offered by our skilled counsellors.

Providing Right Information Right Time

Sometimes deciding a suitable career can be a challenge but if you know where to look and what type of options are available and that’s also from trusted source, altogether makes this process an easy task.

Inspiring Youth To Make a Best Choice

Education Mitra will empower students and provide them with an endless array of possibilities and right opportunities to pursue online and distance education.

Cost Free Unpaid Session

Students can connect with trained professionals, counsellors and experts and start a one-on-one conversation with them through chat, call, video call regarding career counselling and guidance to pursue online & distance courses.