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Considering online shopping and delivery services have reached new heights, the supply chain and logistics sector is projected to expand and create new jobs.

Shipment scheduling, cost estimation, logistics planning, export-import procedures, and inventory management are all topics covered in online/distance courses. The fundamental subject of the course is the understanding of the management of the flow of products and services that constitutes the supply chain process. The duration and semester structure may vary according to the institution's rules and regulations.

The PGD in Supply Chain and Logistics is a curriculum that covers an extensive variety of theoretical perceptions and functional domains in Supply Chain and Logistics. From accounting for managers, organizational behaviour, supply chain, and logistics, and material handling & logistics management through inventory management and behavioural science, the program covers the complete spectrum of Logistics & Supply Chain Management.

The program outlines instruction in important standards, rules, systems, frameworks, and applications that are required to progress skills, improve ability, and develop competence in the field. The curriculum is designed to provide applicants with flexible thinking and behaviour models to flourish in a global multicultural working environment. The training will benefit working professionals as well as individuals seeking entry-level jobs or aspiring to be self-employed.


  • Everyone with a graduating degree and who wants to learn more about this subject can benefit from the program. Online/distance diploma courses in supply chain and logistics allow students to expand on their present skills and knowledge while also learning new and extremely useful ones.
  • Efficient Time Management: As there is no need to attend normal classes when you enrol in the distance/online PGDM program, you will be able to manage your time more successfully.
  • Advancement of the Education System: New online education has been approved and offered by numerous online/distance education colleges in the country, which provide all online education facilities.
  • Course Fees Are Reasonably Priced: The course fee structure is likewise reasonably priced. In India, the fees for online/distance courses are fairly reasonable, and the majority of the public can afford them for their higher education.
  • Supply Chain and Logistics sector is expected to rise by 7% between 2016 and 2026, according to the Statistics Bureau of Labour.
  • Supply Chain and Logistics diploma do not limit you to a specific industry; rather, it allows you to experiment and explore many sub-sectors.



This PGDM in Supply Chain is the finest career option for students who are interested in the study of managing raw materials, tracking inventory and goods consumption, and managing supply chain processes.

The online/distance learning course in supply chain and logistics is a diploma program that focuses on advanced topics in the field of logistics and supply chain management for businesses. The PGDM online/distance program opens up a wide range of opportunities for aspirants, including the process of managing the entire chain of items made in the company till they reach the market.

Eligibility criteria for Online / Distance DIPLOMA COURSE - SUPPLY CHAIN AND LOGISTICS

To be admitted to an online or distance PGDM program, candidates must have finished their bachelor's degree with a minimum of 50% marks from a UGC (University Grants Commission) accredited university.

Admission procedure of Online / Distance 
  • Register: Create a user account with general information about yourself to register the profile
  • Application Form: Fill in the necessary details to apply for the course.
  • Documents/Essentials: Upload all necessary documents for admission to the desired course.
  • Fee Submission: Submit the registration fees.
  • Verification: The respective University will verify the documents for further procedure.
  • Confirmation of Admission: University will send the confirmation of admission to the candidate along with the enrolment number.

Admission procedure of Online / Distance

Fee structure of Online / Distance SUPPLY CHAIN AND LOGISTICS DIPLOMA

Online Diploma in supply chain and logistics is a 1-year program for aspirants who want to make their career in supply chain and logistics. It’s a course that enables you to pursue the course while working in a company or doing a job. Online/Distance supply chain and logistics diploma fee ranges from INR 9,000 to INR 40,000 per year. The fee varies as per the location, ranking, the type of university, etc.

Career opportunities following an Online / Distance  DIPLOMA COURSE - A Quick overview of Online / Distance DIPLOMA SCOPES

If you have completed your online/distance diploma course in supply chain and logistics from a recognized university and have some experience in the sector, you are ready to find the ideal position for you in a reputable company.

Here is a list of employment prospects available after completing an online/distance diploma course in Supply Chain and Logistics:

Transportation Manager Material Manager Logistics Manager Business Development Manager
Vendor Managed Inventory Coordinator Warehouse Operations Manager Research Officer System Support Manager
Procurement Consultant Demand Planner Head of Supply Business Development Manager
Category Manager Communications Manager Advertising Manager Media Planner
Brand Manager Market Research Analyst Supply Chain Manager Inventory Control Manager
DIPLOMA COURSES can help you have a rewarding career 

You will be able to incorporate the greatest technology if you study supply chain and logistics.

You're looking for a nice career, but the fierce competition is getting to you?

It can be hard to find a suitable job, but there is always a solution. To beat the competition, you don't have to be a genius; all you have to do is be smart. Learn something new that will boost the worth of both your resume and your abilities.

With the help of online/distance diploma courses, you can put extra on some additional information to demonstrate your worth and refine your presentation skills on your resume.

Obtain a promotion: Pursuing an online/distance diploma program makes it easier to obtain a promotion because these programs teach you skills that are relevant to your employment. As a result, you gain an advantage over your peers, increasing your chances of promotion.

Job profiles are simple to change: Changing your profile after you've entered one is always a challenging chore. Human people, on the other hand, are designed to adapt, and they should be permitted to change careers even if they began with something else. As a result, these online/distance diploma programs assist you in gaining new abilities so that you can obtain employment in the department of your choice.