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Description of Online / Distance DIPLOMA IN RETAIL MANAGEMENT

The Retail Management programme is spread out over two years (4 semesters) and it is an intensive course that will help you gain the expertise in managing a wide array of theoretical concepts and various functional areas related to retail. You will learn about customer relationship management, brand management, and sales management at the same time that you are learning about visual merchandising and space management.

This course examines every aspect of story management to provide you with the skill needed to run your press. This also helps you get a good idea of the financial, marketing and legal processes behind running a business and introduces you to the basics and study areas such as merchandising, sales processes and stock management. You'll also learn how to handle deliveries and hire a cohesive team of staff before studying different ways to manage disagreements or challenges that crop up from late deliveries (such as damaged goods) or store layout (if your store is at risk of being shut down by city officials for example) to staff conflict.

Moreover, the Retail Industry is a booming and exciting career path. It's one of the highest growth opportunities in the world, not to mention one of the most profitable and widespread. Entire communities revolve around retail businesses; there are several job opportunities in this industry for all kinds of skill sets, including many for those looking for self-employment. There are so many options available it can sometimes seem overwhelming to search for just the right one. The Retail Management Training Institute has simplified your search for learning about this sector by offering you a professional course tailored specifically to improving your abilities to succeed in this industry taught by real-time experts.

Benefits of online / Distance DIPLOMA IN RETAIL MANAGEMENT

After completing the diploma in retail management, the candidates will get plenty of benefits. Retail management not only provides you with the knowledge of a better retail market but also helps in developing more managerial skills for those candidates. Some other benefits that a person will get after completing their online and distance diploma in retail management are –

The online/distance diploma course in retail management is a program where students do not need to come to class every day or undergo regular distance education courses as they can learn via correspondence, which is cost-effective as compared to full-time courses and affords them plenty of time to take on another job or pursue something else. Alongside this, Retail Management also helps develop leadership skills and influencing abilities which they'll be able to use throughout their lifetime.

Take away of Online / Distance DIPLOMA IN RETAIL MANAGEMENT

Business is all about the customer experience and customer satisfaction, the more you know about how to provide that the better chance you have of success. The Retail Management Training Institute has simplified your search for learning about this industry by offering you a professional course tailored specifically to improving your abilities to succeed in this industry.

Learning about the retail industry is an excellent way to increase your knowledge about how to be a part of the growing economy. This training course is a great way to up your game and gain the skills needed to succeed and find successful employment in the retail industry.

Eligibility criteria for DIPLOMA IN RETAIL MANAGEMENT

Students desiring to pursue a career in retail management must attain at least a bachelor's degree in any discipline, with the approval of either the University Grant Commission or AICTE. Those who wish to pursue a diploma in Retail Management should be aware that they will be one of the multiple candidates within the course and that they will need to prove themselves to be suitable for this type of occupation within the field before being accepted into the program.

To satisfy the basic eligibility criteria for the online diploma program in retail marketing, you will need to meet the following conditions: -

Students who have passed their bachelor’s degree from a recognized university approved by the University Grant Commission and AICTE are eligible for the distance and online diploma program.

Students who have passed their graduation in any discipline whether it be B. Com, B.Sc., or B. Tech are eligible for the diploma in Retail Management.

Working professionals who want to do higher studies through a distance and online education diploma side by side with their jobs can also apply for this course.

Admission procedure of Online / Distance DIPLOMA IN RETAIL MANAGEMENT
  • Many renowned universities accept applications for online/distance course admission directly. In various famed universities, entrance tests are held followed by an interview in which the outcome will determine whether or not a student is eligible to enrol at that institution.
  • The general steps followed for direct admission include:
  • Register: Create a user account with general information about yourself to register the profile
  • Application Form: Fill in the necessary details to apply for the course.
  • Documents/Essentials: Upload all necessary documents for admission to the desired course.
  • Fee Submission: Submit the registration fees.
  • Verification: The respective University will verify the documents for further procedure.
  • Confirmation of Admission: University will send the confirmation of admission to the candidate along with the enrollment number.
Admission procedure of Online / Distance DIPLOMA IN RETAIL MANAGEMENT
Fee structure of Online / Distance RETAIL MANAGEMENT DIPLOMA

Online Diploma in retail management is a 1-year program for aspirants who want to make their career in retail management. It’s a course that enables you to pursue the course while working in a company or doing a job. Online/Distance retail management diploma fee ranges from INR 9,000 to INR 40,000 per year. The fee varies as per the location, ranking, the type of university, etc.

Career opportunities following an Online / Distance  DIPLOMA - A Quick overview of Online / Distance IN RETAIL MANAGEMENT SCOPES

If any student wants to make a career in the retail management field and wants to join the ranks of acclaimed managerial professionals, then enrolling in an Online Retail Marketing Diploma program will provide the students with all the necessary theoretical tools and practical expertise needed to graduate from these programs. After finishing such a program with flying colours, students should be able to pick up an outstanding job opportunity which will allow them to achieve their full potential and make magic happen for both themselves and their future employers.

There are many career prospects for Retail Management diploma holders. Here’s a list of some of the better job options:

Retail Manager Store Manager Retail Buyer Merchandiser Analyst Supply Chain
Distributor Marketing Executive Warehouse Manager Brand Manager Customer Care Executives Image Promoter
Merchandise Manager Department Manager ---- ---- ----
Top recruiting firms for retail marketers after completing the course are listed below:
  • Reliance Group
  • Tata Groups
  • Lifestyle International
  • ITC Retail
  • Aditya Birla Group and many more
Best course after Online / Distance DIPLOMA IN RETAIL MANAGEMENT

This course is designed for professionals from a wide range of different backgrounds and professions to further their knowledge and skills in the areas of Business Management and Technology. What makes this course stand out from all other courses like it, are the ways in which topics are broken down into explicit examples that relate to real-life situations, as well as teachers who have had years of first-hand experience with the industry being taught. This will not only give you more knowledge regarding what goes on practically but also a practical sense of how to apply those things practically afterwards. Some of the courses one can pursue after retail Management are listed below:

Brand and production management

Market research and consumer behaviour

Channel management

Retail and omni channel management

Retail fundamentals

DIPLOMA IN RETAIL MANAGEMENT can help you have a rewarding career

New-age retail is quickly becoming a hot career choice for today's youth. For many of us, the image of retail implies friendly and organized shops that keep everything around well-groomed and "in order". The reality is much more complicated because new-age retail means a modern business structure with lots of strategies behind each one of its storefronts. And the knowledge of retail management would help you to scoop in easily. This degree wouldproveto be a gold mine once you get any opportunity in this field.

Opportunities abound 

Changing retail stores brought about a new trend in the job market which created many different types of retailers, like department stores, hypermarkets, supermarkets, specialty stores and even western-style malls. This provided many people with a wealth of opportunities to build brand new businesses grow old ones or prove their own skills in this competitive world.

Hop on the retail bandwagon

A career in retail means being part of an exciting and varied industry where one can work their way up the ladder in some fast-paced environments. The possibilities for growth are limitless when considering a career in retail. Whether you're looking to enter at the ground level or on a managerial track, there are many options available, from entry-level sales clerks to upper-level management positions with executive and rewards along with other perks associated with these positions.

The right profile for you

Retailers, whether it be product or service-based, have a lot of different kinds of customers who rapidly devour products and expect them to be replaced as soon as possible. Since we tend to look for something new every time, we see the same things too much or too often – this puts product managers in the spotlight for having to market new ideas that are often better than what the competitors are offering. If you're looking for a career in product management, you should sign up for retail courses like fashion design and marketingetc., so that you can get more information about how to sell unique products that your target clients will love!

Avail a bright future

The race to find experienced and qualified talent will increase. Companies are now scrambling for articulate, well-qualified, and motivated employees from diverse industries like FMCG, BPO, telecom, and hospitality to fulfil the growing demand for more educated staff people. These more qualified applicants mean greater competition amongst companies across the board in terms of higher wages as well as benefits packages.