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The online/distance course in Production and Operations is a post-graduate diploma program that focuses on operations management and production line. Both traditional and online/distance learning methods can be used to complete the course.

The University Grant Commission's Distance Education Board has recognized the online and distance course in the Production and operation program as valid as the normal PGDM course. The online/distance learning PGDM in operation management program lasts two years and is divided into four semesters of six months each.

In today's fast-paced world, every firm strives to be the best in order to compete with the next generation. The organizations have multiple departments, and they want to get the most bang for their buck from their investments. The operation and production managers are in charge of overseeing the operations of all departments inside the organization.

As a result, the role of an operation is one of the delicate tasks that necessitate intense concentration. It is one of the highest-paying careers available to those with a post-graduate diploma in Production and operations management. In addition, the PGDM in Production and operations management education is growing increasingly popular among students.

The online/distance course in Production and operation management was designed to provide students with the expertise in turning labour and raw materials into goods and services at the lowest possible cost in order to optimize the organization's profit. Throughout the course, students practice managing expenditures and revenue to maximize the organization's net profit.

The course also teaches how to manage inventory along the supply chain, which is the most important function of the firm. Students who complete the course will be able to become professional operation managers or production managers and advance their professions quickly since the course will provide every detail about operation management during the online and distance PGDM in Production and operation management course.


For aspirants and students interested in pursuing a career in production and operation, an online/ distance degree offers numerous benefits.

  • Efficient Time Management: This course aids in retaining time flexibility, allowing students to undertake a variety of other career-related tasks because they will have so much time.
  • Updated Curriculum Development: Online and distance education, such as this course in production and operations management courses, has aided much in the advancement of technology in communication and education. Students and faculty can learn new things while taking the course by utilizing advanced technology.
  • One of the most cost-effective initiatives available to students after graduation as this course is pocket friendly.
  • Curriculum that is industry-relevant: The course covers subjects and syllabus that are required to meet the organization’s objectives.
  • Recognized Course: The University Grants Commission (UGC) has authorized the online/distance education model for Online/Distance Courses.


After the completion of this course, the students will get the following benefits: -

Students will be able to assess, comprehend, and manage the operations of a product manufacturing or service company.

To focus on the fundamentals of product design, manufacturing, quality control, distribution, and logistics.

To provide practical skills that can be used in operations and production management in a variety of industries.

Develop critical and analytical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills to control risk and deal with important issues that arise during product operation and production.

Learn about many successful corporate strategies for quality management and continuous operations improvement.

Eligibility criteria for Online / Distance DIPLOMA COURSE - PRODUCTION AND OPERATIONS

To be admitted to an online or distance program, candidates must have finished their bachelor's degree with a minimum of 50% marks from a UGC (University Grants Commission) accredited university.

Admission procedure of Online / Distance
  • Register: Create a user account with general information about yourself to register the profile
  • Application Form: Fill in the necessary details to apply for the course.
  • Documents/Essentials: Upload all necessary documents for admission to the desired course.
  • Fee Submission: Submit the registration fees.
  • Verification: The respective University will verify the documents for further procedure.
  • Confirmation of Admission: University will send the confirmation of admission to the candidate along with the enrolment number.
Admission procedure of Online / Distance dpo
Fee structure of Online / Distance PRODUCTION AND OPERATIONS DIPLOMA

Online Diploma in production and operations is a 1-year program for aspirants who want to make their career in financial management. It’s a course that enables you to pursue the course while working in a company or doing a job. Online/Distance production and operations diploma fee ranges from INR 9,000 to INR 40,000 per year. The fee varies as per the location, ranking, the type of university, etc.

Career opportunities following an Online / Distance DIPLOMA COURSE - A Quick overview of Online / Distance  DIPLOMA SCOPES

If you have completed an online/distance diploma in production and operations from a respectable university and also have some professional experience, you are ready to explore the appropriate position for you in a renowned organization.

Following is a list of job opportunities available after finishing a Production and Operations online/distance diploma course:

Production Supervisor COO (Chief Operation Officer)
Operations Analyst Logistics Manager
Corporate associate Consultant and
Plant Manager General Operations Manager
Portfolio manager Inventory Control Manager
Manufacturing Director Operations Management Engineer
Supply Chain Manager Credit risk manager
Finance analyst Brand and Sales Manager
Service Operation Manager Product Development Director
  • Certification in Supply Chain Management
  • Certified Global Logistics Manager (CGLM)
  • Six Sigma Certification Course
  • Certified Strategic Operation Management Professional
  • Project Management Professional Certification
  • Certification in Warehouse Management
DIPLOMA COURSES can help you have a rewarding career 
  • With educational costs rising, many students are finding it difficult to obtain a higher education. What remains for those who desire but cannot afford the financial requirements in today's environment, when education is a pre-requisite for success in the corporate world?
  • An online/distance qualification is usually an added edge for a job seeker, making them ready to take on a competent and well-paying position right away.
  • Online/distance education allows many people to improve their educational qualifications who would otherwise be unable to enroll in college due to poor grades or budgetary constraints.
  • The lecturers at our institutes are real-life industry professionals that provide students with hands-on and accurate information about their various professions, allowing them to begin their higher careers prospects as soon as possible.