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Diploma in Marketing Management is a Diploma level Business Management course. This is a specialized Management program in marketing with special focus on marketing as the foundation business function. It facilitates the candidate to capture the effective realities of the marketplace while attracting consumer behaviour, market research and other parts of marketing and sales management. This programme is pursued by the candidates who wants to understand the marketing management fundamentals and seek their career in marketing and sales management.

This online/distance diploma course in marketing management will show you the main aspects of tools involved in important market research transform today. You will also be shown the main marketing strategies that suit various types of companies, and how to figure out marketing strategies. This will teach you marketing management skills in a simple, genuine manner, and enable your marketing skills to shape a valuable career.

Marketing plays an essential role in running the business as it sponsors the business and maintains the trait of the business. The diploma degree provides the skill to audit, measure, and adapt the plan of marketing to the students. The online diploma in marketing is the crucial course for students who have good presentation skills and communication skills. During the course some important subjects that you have to study is Marketing Concepts, Financial Accounting, Business Economics, Digital Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, etc. for becoming a management professional. There are two very famous and reputed courses that institutions offer are PGDM (Post graduate diploma in management) and MBA (Masters in Business administration in management). These programs can help you get an outstanding position in your career roadmap. Many students from various sectors of education after graduation endeavour these courses to make the most prosperity of it for their future career.

Students who are working or doing internships also prefer to get professional management course to boost their qualification and add up their skills to open more opportunities for them. Most people are not aware for the PGDM so they go for MBA, this happens because of the shortfall of knowledge and appropriate exposure of the PGDM program.


People consider that diploma programme is neither equivalent nor considered as an education but PGDM is the key to get the basic management techniques with diploma certificate making you enable to move in the industry frequently after conclusion of the course. Some benefits of PGDM that can make you think to get enrolled in the course immediately after reading this, are as follows:

  • Industry relevant courses
  • Field of Specialization
  • PGDM holders have more opportunities for higher studies
  • Better Job opportunities
  • Experience of business
  • Qualified and experienced faculty
  • Less expensive than MBA


While pursuing online/Distance marketing management diploma courses the student can also start his professional career. With this facility student have opportunity to obtain experience while pursuing online/distance marketing management diploma courses. The student may gain a complete understanding of the course that is offered as part of marketing management diploma courses online/Distance degree programme. The duration of marketing management diploma course is one year.


To be eligible for admission to a PGDM in marketing management, you have to fulfil the following set criteria:

Candidates must have a bachelor's degree from a recognized university.

Admission procedure of Online / Distance MARKETING MANAGEMENT DIPLOMA COURSE
  • Register: Create user account with general information about yourself to register the profile
  • Application Form: Fill in the necessary details to apply for the course.
  • Documents/Essentials: Upload all necessary documents for the admission in the desired course.
  • Fee Submission: Submit the registration fees.
  • Verification: The respective University will verify the documents for further procedure.
  • Confirmation of Admission: University will send the confirmation of admission to the candidate along with enrolment number.
Admission procedure of Online / Distance MARKETING MANAGEMENT DIPLOMA
Fee structure of Online / Distance MARKETING MANAGEMENT DIPLOMA

Online Diploma in Marketing Management is a 1-year program for aspirants who want to make their career in marketing. It’s a course that enables you to pursue the course while working in a company or doing a job. Online/Distance Marketing management diploma fee ranges from INR 9,000 to INR 40,000 per year. The fee varies as per the location, ranking, the type of university, etc.

Career opportunities following an Online / Distance   MARKETING MANAGEMENT DIPLOMA COURSE - A Quick overview of Online / Distance MARKETING MANAGEMENT DIPLOMA COURSE scopes

After the completion of your marketing management degree, there are a plenty of profitable career opportunities that you can consider. Each of these positions is at managerial levels in the corporate ladder. Another prosperity of this qualification is the significant financial remuneration that is provided to aspirants with the relevant skills and ability.

Some of the top careers that you can consider include:

The most popular postgraduate degrees in India is a PGDM in Marketing degree. Coursework in business, marketing, and finance are covers advanced in PGDM. When if we come to the job opportunities after PGDM in Marketing, here’s what you can find yourself as:

Sales Manager Social Media Manager
Business Development Manager Marketing Manager
SEO Manager Monetization Manager
Email Marketing Research Manager
Digital Marketing Manager Brand Manager
Best course after Online / Distance MARKETING MANAGEMENT DIPLOMA COURSE

To advance your career growth after you have completed a PGDM in Marketing qualification or a PGDM, there are more opportunities to learn further. Next direction is getting a doctorate degree, as PGDM is equivalent to MBA in many ways. You can well opt for the following courses after PGDM in India.

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Management
Doctoral Programme in Management Doctorate in Management Studies
MARKETING MANAGEMENT DIPLOMA COURSE can help you have a rewarding career 

To gain profitable career opportunities in the field, it is important to develop the relevant skills required by an industry. A PGDM in marketing management is designed to enhance your skills that are in demand.

Some of the top skills you will develop with a PG in marketing Management include:
Relationship Building Numerical Ability
Marketing Skills Brand Alertness
Interpersonal Skills Communication Skills
Analytical Skills Critical-Thinking & Reasoning Abilities
Leadership Skills