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Diploma in Financial Management is a diploma level Management course. Financial Management covers the areas connecting to planning, directing, monitoring, organising, and controlling of the fiscal resources of an institution. Here in India, the Diploma Courses do not have the same time duration but they vary from institute to institute. In some institutions, it is of one-year duration and at other places having four years. Its minimal time also differs from place to place. The Diploma course is very important in nature that opens many career scopes for the candidates and gives them a better base for higher studies. They can also find numerous jobs after its completion.

Diploma in Financial Management course is intended as a basic management course covering functional areas of management with quantitative and theoretical inputs. The program is specialised to make a basic unified perspective of the managerial functions and supply candidates an institution for pursuing managerial duties and higher studies. The Candidates who after finishing the course are also able to expand the financial management mechanisms that conduct reviews and also scale down financial risk; they can assess for cost-reduction opportunities, etc. After completion of Diploma in Financial Management, graduates are employed in Financial Services & Research Analyst, Management Trainee, Outbound Debt Management Specialist or Agent, Project Coordinator amongst many others.

It’s an agreeable course for the working professionals who are already doing a job and want to enhance their knowledge and career. Online Diploma in financial management empower candidate to get the complete knowledge of finance-related topics in less time in comparison to master's or bachelor's courses. It works on areas such as financial management, theoretical and quantitative areas of financial management courses.


If you are looking to train for a profession or are simply considering training options, one of the best courses to consider are finance courses for non-finance managers. In other words, these courses help you learn about finance management without being exactly for finance managers. But what are the benefits of taking these courses?

Opens Job Opportunities Well-adapted to other training
Get used to learning again Learning improves job satisfaction
Use what you learn Better understand the basics of finance


  • Diploma in financial management is a 1-year program for the candidate who have completed their 10+2 from a recognized board and then a bachelor's degree from a recognized board.
  • It is a program for working specialist who want to make their career in the same field in less time.
  • A diploma in financial management is a course that can also be pursued by candidates who want to deal with accounting, finance, and management so as to enlarge their additional knowledge.
Eligibility criteria for Online / Distance FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT DIPLOMA COURSE

Candidates who are enthusiastic to pursue an online diploma in financial management must submit with these eligibility criteria:

  • Candidates must have a bachelor's degree from a recognized university.
Admission procedure of Online / Distance FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT DIPLOMA COURSE
  • Register: Create user account with general information about yourself to register the profile
  • Application Form: Fill in the necessary details to apply for the course.
  • Documents/Essentials: Upload all necessary documents for the admission in the desired course.
  • Fee Submission: Submit the registration fees.
  • Verification: The respective University will verify the documents for further procedure.
  • Confirmation of Admission: University will send the confirmation of admission to the candidate along with enrolment number.
Admission Procedure of Online/Distance dfm
Fee structure of Online / Distance FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT DIPLOMA

Online Diploma in Financial Management is a 1-year program for aspirants who want to make their career in financial management. It’s a course that enables you to pursue the course while working in a company or doing a job. Online/Distance financial management diploma fee ranges from INR 9,000 to INR 40,000 per year. The fee varies as per the location, ranking, the type of university, etc.

Career opportunities following an Online / Distance FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT DIPLOMA COURSE - Quick overview of Online / Distance FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT DIPLOMA scopes

A diploma in financial management is a course that has numerous career opportunities due to its high demand in the companies. One can get a chance of job opportunities after doing a diploma in financial management all over the world, be it in India or Abroad.

Also, it has chances in both the private and public sectors. Some of the examples of job opportunities after completion of a diploma in financial management are as follows-

Financial planner Financial Auditor
Financial Planning Analyst. Assistant Manager
Account manager Research Analyst
Equity Research Analyst
Best course after Online / Distance FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT DIPLOMA course

As the old motto goes, learning never stops. To further advance your career growth after you have completed a PGDM in finance, there are more opportunities to learn higher. Next direction is getting a doctorate degree, as PGDM is equivalent to MBA in many ways. Student can also apply for PG diploma in finance management.

FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT DIPLOMA COURSE can help you have a rewarding career

There are enough of career perk by doing online/distance PGDM in the financial management program as it has always been one of the popular courses and on demand course in the job market. PGDM in Financial management online/distance learning program is a 2-year program in the online/distance mode that enables the job opportunity for a candidate along with the course. The course will help in improvement the career without stirring the current job or work. PGDM in financial management through online/distance learning is a supportive course for working professionals as it allows them to work and study at the same time. They can take online/distance classes from anywhere at any time they want without concluding their current job. Distance/Online PGDM in financial management course 1-year program impart the ability in students to figure out financial and accounting management to work expertly in any particular company or their own businesses. PGDM in financial management online and distance learning is one of the vast courses for students who have some financial knowledge, skills and wanted to upgrade their skills to make their career in the financial fields.