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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is online and distance education mode?

A: Distance education is a way of learning through virtual or written correspondence where study material and learning resources are sent to students through the post. In distance mode there is no interaction between a student and his mentor. Online Education mode is way of learning where there is an interaction between the teacher and student through the digital medium.

Q: How online/distance education is different from regular mode?

A: In regular education mode, the classes are conducted regularly on a daily basis. In distance/online education mode, the colleges or universities take classes and assessments digitally and students don't have to go to college regularly.

Q: What is the role of DEB (Distance Education Bureau) approval and how to check them?

A: The role of Distance Education Bureau(DEB) is to make sure that each university complies with the rules and standards so as to maintain a quality standard of education in all of these programs. UGC provides the recognition status of the university/Institution which is available on the UGC website at www.ugc.ac.in/deb. You may check these approvals on Education Mitra’s “Notification” tab.

Q: Difference between a College and a University?

A: Colleges are either affiliated to a university or it is an autonomous body. A college is an educational institution which offers degree and diploma courses to its students. While a university is an authorized educational and research institution that grants degree and diploma to its students, in the respective fields and it does not require any affiliation from another university.